Dislocate is not only for voracious readers, but it is also for writers and poets. It is an open community for anyone who wants to share poems, stories, essays, and whatever literary pieces can be shared.

Guidelines for Dislocate Reader Contributions

Before you can submit your articles to Dislocate, please take note of the following:

1. Submit only your original work. Dislocate will not accept articles that are not yours or those that are copy-pasted from another site. You should be the owner and author of the article. Likewise, your contributions should not have been published online or in traditional magazines and newspapers.

2. Dislocate accepts contributions in the following fields: poetry, short stories, essays, and features related to literature and poetry.

3. Dislocate’s required format for all submissions: title, headers, sub-headers, and bullet points for features. Essays, short stories, and poetry can follow a free format. Wordcount: for features – at least 350 words, essay – a minimum of 500 words, short stories – at least 500 words but must not exceed 1500 words. Poetry submissions have no wordcount requirement.

4. Please review and edit your work before submitting.

5. Your submissions should not use copyrighted photos, videos, and other content. If you have to use a photo or video owned by someone else, please get in touch with the owner and ask permission to use the material. You may also credit the owner of that intellectual property.

Submit your contribution/s to Please allow Dislocate 7 days to go through your contributions before publishing. We will inform you via email when your work will be published.