“The more that you read,
The more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
The more places you’ll go.”
-Dr. Seuss

The minute you turn the pages of a book, you are transported to a different place. You meet different kinds of people. You discover new things about the world and yourself. This is why we here at Dislocate decided to come up with an e-magazine on literature and poetry.

Nowadays, people are too caught with technology that many forget about the simple joys of life: telling a story, hearing a story, and reading stories. Today, instead of going to bookshops, people trek to tech stores to check out or buy the latest gadget. Thank goodness we now have e-books and e-book readers. At least, despite the dominance of technology, we can still enjoy some good reads.

Dislocate is a combination of the traditional and the modern. Traditional because it talks about literature and poetry. Modern because it uses technology, particularly the Internet. We believe that going online is one of the best ways to lure people, especially the young generation, to reading and poetry. As such, this blog is your online guide to anything and everything related to literature and poetry.

Dislocate features literary works, poetry, tips and how-tos, stories, special features, and other similarly relevant content. You want the latest news about your favorite book author? We have it here. You want to find poetry you can relate with? We have them here. You have some stories to share? We’ll give the opportunity to do so.

Dislocate was created for people who want to travel the world and meet people through books and poetry.